How do you train yourself to not care about what others think or do?

How to train yourself not to care about what others think or do? Try this, a pro bono 7 Steps in 7 Days taster program of positive actions I recommend High School, College, and University level students to undergo to lift self esteem and self actualization – click this hyperlink to go straight there to register Students.

Step 1: Crush churning thoughts that suicide might be a good option
Step 2: Fix short, medium and long-term financial security problems
Step 3: Raise happiness floor a few clicks  above depression doorstep
Step 4: Broaden views to see and adopt life betterment opportunities
Step 5: Kill the voice calling  you fat, lazy, stupid, ugly and worthless
Step 6: Prepare the saint and hero within to make you truly awesome
Step 7: Do something so extraordinary extraordinary people know it!
If any of them float your boat, press your button, pull your string or light your life, step up a level to its pro bono 7 Steps in 98 Days CSSIL DWTD SAAP – same steps but repeated daily for 14 days to get your body’s neurosynaptic plasticity pruning away the crap thought pathways and replacing them with wholesome ones.
After that, you are going to need something worthwhile than pumping up your feel-good factor. That’s where my Energime University Ambassadorship helps. Take a Course – Write a Book – Start a Movement – Change the World – mention my Student discount code ADTHS to get 10% off the course fee.
Like Energime I’m committed to the United Nations Global Compact for Sustainable Growth, together with over 8000 other corporate bodies and over 4000 other industry and professional individuals, so we can help you arrange ‘on the job’ training internship and long and short work placements doing what you love in places you love for reasons you love. Who could ask for anything more ….

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