How do you train yourself to not care about what others think or do?

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Hello world!

My name is David Adrian Thomas. Born 21 March 1945 at East Glamorgan Hospital, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, in the UK, I have what is called Asperger’s Syndrome, so I live in confusion and chaos, but I’ll try not to allow that to spoil this website.

Pontypridd is a market town located at the confluence of The Valleys of the Rivers Rhondda, Cynon, and Taff, in Wales, UK. Its main other notoriety is, it is the birthplace of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau ), the national anthem of Wales. The title – from the first words of the song – means “Old Land of My Fathers” in Welsh, usually rendered in English as “Land of My Fathers”. It was written by Evan James and his son, James, both of whom lived in Pontypridd, in January 1856. The earliest written copy still survives and is kept at the National Library of Wales, at Aberystwyth, in Ceredigion in Mid West Wales, near where I live now.

I was a county engineer, surveyor, and planning officer for the whole of my 50-year working career, employed in ‘several and various’ local, regional, national, and international projects and programs around the world, but I never left the UK, although I intended to when I was younger.

My sights were set on creating self-sustaining church settlements abroad for the Apostolic Church of Wales which I belonged to in my infancy, childhood, and early teens. But I had to shelve that idea.

A head injury put paid to those plans on my way home from qualifying to do that, at age 15½, and I was forced to undergo retraining for a further 15½ years, to take up an equal level of responsibility here in the UK as I was unable to stay abroad for long periods, after that, for health reasons, due to the injury.

Indeed, I was not expected to survive to the age of suffrage, which in those days was 21, by doctors who attended me, one of whom was Dr. Hans Asperger, who is portrayed below.

But, I had the good fortune to be a member of the County Surveyors Society of Wales and the Marches, who took all responsibility for my retraining and they mentored me into winning the UK Government Treasury town and country planning design competition to move the Royal Mint from central London to a place of greater safety, in the UK.

I was completely off the planet for the 34 years following the injury and it was this that saved my life, for I decided whilst in concussion, after hearing the prognosis I wasn’t expected to survive to attain suffrage, to kill my memory instead of me, if God the Father would draw up a new plan for me follow.

I had prepared an update of the 1930s New Town Plan for Llantrisant designed by Sir Patrick Abercrombie during my articled pupillages at Pontypridd Boys Grammar School. It included a highways and transportation development plan world-wide. All I had to do make it a plan for transfer of the Royal Mint to Wales was change the land designation of a large site earmarked for a new East Glam hospital.

Rail transport services in South Wales were notoriously unreliable and untrustworthy, because they were ruled by labour trade unions, and I could not control that by town and country planning legislation so my transportation development plan for Llantrisant avoided expenditure on railway infrastructure and focused it all on highways enhancement.

The Great Train Robbery in 1963 turned the UK Government Treasury’s reliance upon railway infrastructure for the transport of goods to and from the Royal Mint, so my development plans won the competition in a twinkling. But I was too off the planet to know this, and freelanced my time preparing contract plans, drawings, and specifications for any county, district and city authority projects and programs that would secretly speed up the development of Llantrisant New Town to accept the Royal Mint investment when that came online, as that was high on the UK Government Treasury’s list of ‘things to do’ to win the transfer.

I was even blissfully unaware that the first phase of the new Mint had been completed when the time came for it to be officially opened by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. I didn’t even know I had been working for her and Crown. I thought I was only working for the councils who employed me, Glamorgan County Council, Llantrisant Rural District Council, and the City and County of Cardiff County Council; and was completely unphased when she asked for me to be transferred to the Royal County of Berkshire to troubleshoot related highways projects along and across the M4 motorway corridor in England between the Royal Mint in London and the Severn Bridge, with the Ministry of Transport, the Transport and Road Research Laboratory, and South East England County Surveyors Society.

Wow! What an adventure! But not for me! I was no more than a secret back room workaholic boffin zombie on autopilot who did as he was told when he was told, and forgot everything he did as soon as he had done it.